It is so turned around these days.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Please do not watch if you are easily offended.

Friday, February 16, 2007

U of I bars Indian mascot

This really disappoints me. This era of Political Correctness has to stop...... Seriously.....yo .......seriously. The university campus (campi) is supposed to be the bastion of free progressive thought, but this is only foolishness. Who is this protecting? Who is offended by this? When asked, most native American people feel honored by Chief Illiniwek. It is part of our Illinois history. This is our history!!! I guess progressives don't want to have anything that would remind them of of how we mean pale faces drove out the natives in our blood thirsty conquest of world dominance. This is such typical liberal bull@$#%. In an effort to not offend people, who for the most part are not offended in the first place, we are doing away with a tradition in order to make the progressives feel better about themselves. Gee thanks. I can't wait to show my children the DVD of what it was like when rational people roamed the Earth. I can't wait to take my children to the Basketball game of team "x" (formerly known as The Spurrs.....ya know with all of those offended cowboys) against team "y" (formerly know as the Bulls.....I mean really...who's lookin' out for the cattle?) For a change wouldn't it be nice for a university to say that they are more committed to their traditions than the blackmail money of the NCAA?

This is a bigger problem than we think. This opens the portal for all sorts of things that people can tell us we need to be offended by. DO YOU NOT SEE THIS PEOPLE!!?!?!? This is not offensive. It takes very educated, progressive liberals to TELL us how offensive this is. What's next? Smoking!?!?! oops.... too late, the ball is already rolling on that.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Music, not politics, should be honored at Grammys

It's hard to put into words my frustration over the Dixie Chicks winning album of the year last night. As someone who has actually voted for the Grammys, I know that sometimes the pickins are slim. Which may be an indication of a greater problem. That there really isn't alot of good music being promoted in the mainstream. I actually bought this record. It is one of the few that I spent my hard earned cash on when it was released. It is a good record. I like Rick Reuben as a producer. The record sounds great. But I feel as a whole it only has a couple of good songs and thats about it. It is not a collection of great songs, like Pearl Jam's 10, the Police's Synchronicity or U2's Joshua Tree. There are a few records that I think could have replaced the Dixie Chicks Taking the Long Way. Niel Diamonds record 12 Songs (also produced by Reuben), Death Cab for Cuties Plans, KT Tunstalls Eye to the Telescope were much better albums.

Last night I was starting to question my barometer for judging music. After The Dixie Chicks won the first couple of awards I started to wonder if my political views clouded my assessment of this record. I started to think "maybe I need to listen to that record again on my way into work." Maybe I need to give it a second chance. Maybe the record industry wasn't all wrong in there voting. I mean for gosh sakes I did buy the record!!!

But then one of the last things that Natalie Maines said during her acceptance speech validated all that I had been feeling previously. I don't have the exact phase but she said something to the effect of.....

"I guess with all of the stuff going on, your votes validate the mood of our country...."

Now before I get flamed with corrections, I admit that this is not the exact quote. But It is close enough to remind me how infuriated I was by her comment. So basically she was admitting that this award was not about the music. It was about being vindicated. I am all for free speech. But when the Grammys and those who vote for the Grammys choose politics over the quality of music, then my friends, it is a truly sad day for us all. I am truly disappointed with this choice by the record industry.

On a happier note. The Police freakin' ROCKED!!!