It is so turned around these days.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Congratulations Democrats

Well what can I say. It was a well fought battle on both sides. Each side unequalled in character bashing and dirty, misleading ads. You gotta love politics. So with that I humbly say "conratulations to the liberal democrats." And I am not being smart. I REALLY MEAN IT. I have faith in the people of America and if this is the will of the people, then so be it. Unlike when Bush won in 2004 and the term "Dumb#%^&istan" was coined, I do not believe that the voting public is dumb just because my guys lost or because the others won. I hope that some real progress can be made in our government. I hope that a solution to this Iraq mess can be found.

But I do feel that there is some truth to the notion that Conservative Repubicans are dumb. They can tend to live outside of reality at times. I can be mature enough to admit that. But I feel that Liberals, not so much Democrats, can do more harm to this country. So with the choice of being with those who are dumb or those who, with good intentions of course, do harm, I choose the dumb. That is a no brainer. But I say to you liberals as you take over; please govern well, please listen to the voters, don't be as dumb as the last bunch, and please do as little harm as possible.