It is so turned around these days.

Friday, October 27, 2006

This was too good to pass up.

Thanks to my good friends Andrew Osenga and Billy Cerveny, this could be brought to you. I could not stop laughing.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A must see

This is an amazing video somebody put together. It is made up of famous album covers. Sadly I have most of them. But that's good because it means I have a deep rock heritage. So rock on bruthas n sistas!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I believe in miracles.

Last night my wife and I turned off Monday Night Football during hafltime. We could not be witness to the downfall of a great season. The score was 20 to 0 in favor of the Cardinals. When I awoke this this morning I could not believe my eyes. The Bears came back to win 24-23. I watched the highlights this morning on ESPN and can't believe that we turned off the TV!!!! Oh well.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why is this not a huge story?

This should trouble all of us deeply. Muslims in the Twin cities are refusing to give rides to people with alcohol. The cities have capitulated and are planning on color coding the cabs. COLOR CODING THE CABS!!!! Why is nobody reorting this? Can you imagine if a Christian refused to give a ride to a homosexual or a Jew not giving a ride to somebody with a ham sandwich? This is so rediculous. Christians are asked everyday to keep their practice private. I have no problem if the liberal progressive community wishes to undermine and eliminate Jueo-Christian values from our public squares. But to allow this blatant public defiance is not acceptable. I feel that progressives dare not say anything because it may come danerously close to being patriotic. This is so turned around. Folks this is just the beginning. We need to stand up and stop this. Not for the sake of Christianity but for the sake of this country.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Islam can not reform but must be transformed.

Here is a video that I think we all should see. Wafa Sultan on Danish television, discusses Islam and the cartoon jihad with uncommon clarity. This woman is brave, and speaks truth with boldness and passion. The walls of Islam are starting to crack and if this war in Iraq and on terroism (Islamic Fascism) are the catalyst, then they need to start shining that Nobel Prize for G.W. Bush. Wow, is getting hot in here? I think I can acually hear the steam coming out of the ears of some of our liberal blogging friends.

Tip to Little Green Footballs.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sam Harris Speaks Truth

It is so exhilarating to me when a liberal, especially an atheist, is intellectually honest. In my last post I had an excerpt of Sam Harris's book "Letter to a Christian Nation." This week Sam wrote an amazing article in the LA Times. He acknowledges that Christians are basically the only ones in this country who take the threat of Islamic Fascism seriously. What a breath of fresh air from an unlikely source. I strongly encourage all of you to read this and pass it on to your liberal friends.