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Saturday, December 23, 2006

I've Thought About It

On December 16th local blogger Knight in Dragonland posted the following quote under the title "Think About It."

"Despise reason and science, humanity’s greatest strengths, indulge in illusions and magical practices that reinforce your self-deception, and you will be unconditionally lost!

Of course being a Christian I feel that this is pointed toward me and other religious people. Fine, be that as it may, I hope that those who choose to have this woven into there mind akin to me having scripture memorized see the fatal flaw. The writer assumes "reason" and "science" to be humanities greatest strengths. I think this is absurd. I would argue that love and compassion are humanities greatest strengths. More good has come from compassion. More aid to fellow humans has come from love. Science, while in itself is innocuous, has brought us the Atom Bomb, guns, hand grenades and Clay Aiken Christmas CDs.

I would caution those who hold phrases like this dear to their heart to consider it's full magnitude. One who places reason and science as paramount, has no room to accept love or compassion as valid since they are only the result of science. You are now constricted to find meaning and value solely in the physical world. By this view, when one feels they have found some meaning in this world, I guarantee that some leap of faith will still need to be made. For if not, they too will be unconditionally lost as well.

My intent is not to humiliate or insult but to foster some discussion. I love deep Theological and Philosophical discussion more than anything blog related. So, if what I have written makes sense or seems completely ridiculous, please leave a comment.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Believing in Santa does not create fools

My wife and I were at another couples house the other night and we were talking about the big question that seems to be plaguing young parents today. Especially around this time of year.

What do we tell our kids about Santa?

To me it seemed almost ridiculous that the topic even needed to be discussed. Where does this come from? Who is promoting this as worthy of concern? Do you think our parents wrestled with this dilemma? It seems our progressive world wants one more thing to stress itself out. And now it is the adult affects of childhood Santa Claus belief.

Stop….just stop already. It’s ok to tell your kids there is a Santa Claus. Let them enjoy it. Let them have the anticipation and excitement of Christmas. We adults have managed to suck the life out of Christmas it seems, why not enjoy the excitement vicariously through children. Do any of you look back at your parents and think that their “lying” to you about Santa is a flaw in their character? Has the revelation of there not being a Santa caused you to disavow any belief in a higher being? Me neither. I don’t think that my being told there was a Santa had any affect on my adult life.

It blows my mind as to how unwittingly arrogant we can be sometimes. I think the majority of my generation grew up with the belief in Santa. I think it is safe to say that we consider ourselves to be “normal” functioning members of our society. But yet we somehow think that our children will not be able to deal with the revelation of the truth about Santa.

It seems that the progressive method for child rearing requires us to always be up front and truthful with our children. But I feel this is neither possible or desirable. We need to protect our children’s innocence as long as possible. And this is one small way to do it. Lets face, it if your gonna not give Santa a pass then you better be doing the same for Mickey and Mini Mouse, Donald Duck and Barney. When you take your kids to Disney (or where ever) and they run with excitement up to Goofy, your gonna have to pull them aside and explain to them that there really is just a paid actor inside that costume. I bet you will be a hero. What about when little Sally asks where her brother comes from? According to the progressive model of full disclosure, a complete and truthful explanation of sexual reproduction is required. It seems we bend truths here and there all the time for our children and we don’t even think twice about it.

So stop trying to over analyze these things and enjoy Christmas. Make it fun. Set out the milk and cookies and wait for the big guy to come down the chimney.

But I would be remiss if did not write about the true meaning of Christmas. And that is that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Whether or not you acknowledge Jesus as your savoir, this celebration was started to honor Him. And I think more importantly the spirit of goodness and generosity that believers and non-believers alike display during this time is one of the greatest testimonies as to the truths of the Bible displayed here on Earth. I think during this time of year is when we get a glimpse as to what the world could be like. God bless you all and have a very Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 08, 2006

I will bash but I will not blog

Last night I went to the blogger bash with CJ Summers. Although I felt somewhat guilty doing so since I have not blogged in almost a month. But it was fun meeting some of you all. On a personal note I am fine, just extremely busy. Along with work, which is busy, I am currently producing an album for a local band ASLANas well as remixing Grace Family Christmas for the television broadcast. Sometime during all of this I have to do Christmas shopping and go to office parties. Anyway, so what has happened since my last post.....lets see..

Michael Richards flushes any chance of a career resurgance down the toilet.

Britney Spears flushes any remaining vestige of dignity down the toilet.

Millions of people have gone bonkers for the Playstation 3.

Millions more people have gone bonkers for the Nintendo Wii.

Kevin Federline sells only 6500 records the first Wii... oops, I mean week.

My personal favorite Dennis Prager has created a mini national firestorm over an article over Keith Ellison taking the oath on the Koran.

Pam Anderson and Kid Rock help contribute to making a mockery of the institution of marriage by getting a divorce. Were you as surprised and saddened as I?

I strongly considered getting a "myspace" but resisted.

Two of my good friends played (drum and bass) for Mat Kearney on Conan O'Brien.

I made my first pumpkin was "glorpy"

The Midwest gets a butt-load of snow causing major havoc.

A tornado blows through North London...tea was still served.

That's about it.