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Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm not running for president, but you can still vote for me (please)

I am not gonna hide it, this is an unashamed plea for votes.....

Last month I made a remix for an online competition. Glen Phillips, the lead singer for Toad The Wet Sprocket, released the studio tracks of a song off of his new solo album. The purpose is to get people to "remix" them in creative ways and submit them as contest entries. I have made such an entry. Except I, among a few others, have chosen to rerecord tracks completely, making a completely new arrangement. I wouldn't be asking for your vote if I didn't think that I had a legitimate chance at winning. I have been hovering in the top 10 for a while but I need you to push me over the edge.

Here is how it works. To judge entries, you have to register at OurStage.... I know, registering, yuck!!! Then you will want to go to the Music competition. From there you will need to select Kompoz/Glen Phillips. Then you will need to click "judge." You will then be presented with two songs. You will have to listen to both of them and judge. You don't have to listen the whole song, just 15 seconds of each. Here is where it gets a little annoying. My song may not cue up first. So you may have to through 10 rounds before you get to my song. So judging could take you 30 seconds or 10 minutes all depending on when my song comes up.

Helpful hints: To help my standings here are some things you can do. It will not take you long to figure out which songs are really good and others that are not. If you find one that is above will want to vote for the other one. Unless that is you really really like it and you can vote for it as better. But when you come to my song , you will want to vote "best by far." That's it. Vote as much and as often as you can from now until the end of June. Here is the song if you want a preview.

Once again you need to go to OurStage to vote. I thank you very much!!!