It is so turned around these days.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Slow news and programming day.

My wife has somehow absconded with my (our) iPod. So now my rides to and from work are filled with radio. Since I cannot tollerate most of the music that is broadcast over local airwaves I have no other choice but to subject myself to the "talk" offerings on the AM dial. I usually listen to 890 WLS but yesterday I decided to listen to good 'ol WMBD 1470. In the morning I was greeted with Greg and Dan talking about a list about 25 greatest inventions. It wasn't bad. They usually don't do lists so I cut them some slack. When I left work that day, I listened to what I believe to be the worst radio show going; The Markley & Luciano show. Now before I go any further, it must be noted that these feebly entertaining voices broadcast on the same station as Greg and Dan. I can't stand The Markley & Luciano show for the simple fact that all they do is talk about “top whatever” lists they find off of the internet. But to my amazement yesterday, they were discussing the exact same list that Greg & Dan were discussing that very morning. Is he Markley & Luciano show that void of originality and talent to not be able to come up with some original material? ...Rhetorical question... I sat in wonderment as to how long it would take someone to call in and say "Hey you two, we already know what the number one invention is!!!" Which was the cell phone….I think….who cares…. Anyway. I hope WMBD is still looking for John Malone's replacement.