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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Safest Show On The Air.

Our fellow blogger over at Cruise Control has beaten me to the punch. It seems he shares my feelings about the Markley and Luciano Show. I have put off posting about this because I have a feeling my opinion could be construed as more mean than critical. But here it goes.

The Markley and Luciano show is just bad. Well wait....if I had to use another adjective ....boring...maybe silly. The thing is I don't really know the point of the show. They spend countless hours wasting our time with top 10 lists that are about as interesting as the Tony awards. Seriously, is "the top 10 animal songs" supposed to really keep me over during the American Pest Control commercial?

"Gee, what's it gonna be Muskrat Love or Crocodile Rock....the suspense is killing me!!

Here's an idea. Why don't they come up with their own list. Then at least I would feel they were making consorted effort in creating an engaging show. Then maybe the audience would have a chance to have some sort of connection with the show. Then people might actually care. I get the feeling that show prep happens 10 minutes 5 minutes before air and is nothing more than printing off MSN's list of the day. It gives me hope that with as little as 5 minutes a day, I too can host my very own talk show. (which I am working on btw....a podcast for recording wouldn't like it.)

The problem for me is that the show is safe. Too safe. Neither host is really willing to have a strong opinion or take a firm position. They are like keynote speakers at an ACLU dinner; two guys trying to be funny while at the same time making sure nobody is offended. The end result is a show that is contrived and not very deep. Maybe that's the point. Just pure fluff radio. I just don't know if cutting an hour of Hannity (which I rarely listen to BTW) for these guys is in the best interest of programming. To Markley and Luciano's credit, it is awfully nice of them to give their time while WMBD looks for John Malone's replacement.


At 8:49 AM, Blogger Common Sense Dude said...

I'll take "Top Tracks" (channel 46) on XM Radio any day over these guys.


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