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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Normals live on.......(sorta)

I usually don't talk about my old band The Normals unless somebody asks. I don't want to seem like that guy hanging out in Guitar Center playing dated riffs, saying things like "yeah I was in a band, we opened up twice for Head East." But I am proud of the records we got to make and the small influence we may have had on people who bought our records or came to our shows. Two weeks ago a genlteman from The Pantagraph did an interview with three of The Normals, myself included. My micrphone must have been cut because I spoke quite a bit but yet narry a quote from my mouth did the paper make. Anyway, here is the article. And if you are interested you can purchase our music at the iTunes music store. Heres a video clip of our one hit.


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