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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shut up and rock.

"George W. Bush's presidency appears headed for colossal historical disgrace."
So declares ROLLING STONE magazine in a planned cover story. I have not read this story, but I find it interesting that Rolling Stone is so willing to lampoon our president in this fashion. It seems as though trashing the president has become the new way for celebrities and publications to give the impression that they are cool and progressive. Which it may. But it certainly does not mean that they are educated or experts. Could this president end up a failure? It is quite possible. I hope this article points out that history will be the final judge and we may not know until 30-50 years from now. But lets also remember, if Bush's efforts to transform the middle east are successful......he will be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents we have ever had. Say that to a liberal and you will actually see part of their brain ooze out their ear. It's gross.


At 12:16 PM, Anonymous PeoriaIllinoisan said...

I'm with you! I haven't bought a Rolling Stone in years, but when I used to subscribe I always stayed away from their politics.

That stuff really bugs me. When Springsteen started campaigning for Kerry, I had a real hard time it with, and now Neil Young is putting out the "Impeach the President" album. I'm sure it'll rock, but I doubt I'll buy it.

Most musicians are political and most lean to the left, but I want the in-your-face politics, nor do I want it shoved down my throught at a concert.

It's ironic that my favorite musician, Bob Dylan, among other things, revolutionized protest and political music, but I defy you to figure out how he votes or what his political leanings are.

Even Bono is gracious enough to meet with the President, AND I've never heard him blatently tell me who to vote for.

I think it was the lead singer of Radiohead (if I recall correctly) who refused to meet with Tony Blair and blathered off in the media about what an SOB he was and so on and so forth...

You pushed my hot button.

Shut up and rock!

At 6:13 PM, Blogger BJ Aberle said...

I used to subscribe to RS too. I think when they put Brit Spears on the cover is when I lost total respect for the publication. Mind you it had been dwindling for years. I don't mind artists speaking their mind. But let's here them back it up with facts and common sense. I know first hand that it is easy to do when the microphone is pointed in one direction. Let's see how they handle themselves when they are really pressed on the issues. But nobody presses because they want to stay on the good side of the celebrity. So on it will go. Protest for attention which will inturn hopefully legitamize you to a younger audience. I love Niel Young..... but seriously... shut up and rock.

At 8:54 AM, Anonymous PeoriaDad said...

I once saw Aretha - the very queen of all things diva -- nearly booed off the stage for launching into a polital spiel. The crowd was hacked because they had paid good money to hear MUSIC...not Franken-esque blather.

Worse yet, she didn't sound very bright. Ruined my perceptions of her forever.


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