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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's time to talk immigration. (Es tiempo para hablar inmigraciĆ³n)

I think we would all agree that our country (or any country for that matter) should take measures to protect the interests of "it's" people. This should be a noble cause and not a basis for racism. But with the recent protests over immigration into the United States, mostly by Hispanics, those who oppose them are now labeled racists. This is ridiculous and couldn't be further from the truth. We need to close the border and enforce legal entry into our country....period. Opponents to that idea have said that closing the border will only bring our country closer to the likes of the communist regimes we fought to eliminate. Well there is one big difference. Those walls were built to hold people in. We need to keep people from flooding in. As far as I know we are free to leave the USA at any time. I heard a gentleman who was protesting in Bloomington IL say "this is an issue for universal civil rights." What would those rights be? The right to enter a country illegally, use our resources, education and hospitals at the cost of those who bear the financial burden? The right for universal amnesty? I will say that the ability for these immigrants to organize and protest is impressive if not a little scary. Instead of protesting I think they would have a better chance if they held "Gracias Estados Unidos" rallies. How great would it be if they showed the American people that they are grateful to be here, in this great nation, and want to assimilate? Also if they have this great ability to organize, then it should be a snap for them to get all these people to fill out the appropriate paperwork to get the ball rolling on legal status......( Or how about all of these protesters get together and organize a protest down in Mexico City? Send a message to Vicente Fox where (I believe) the real problem is originating. But before I close, I would like to point out one side of the argument I have not heard yet. I keep hearing people say "these people will do the jobs that Americans won't do." That is an incredibly arrogant statement. It is this arrogance that immigrants capitalize on. Let's face it most of these people are hard working, performing what we would deem as menial jobs. But if the American people don't humble themselves and accept that these jobs are not beneath them, then we are certainly doomed. What jobs will be acceptable for Americans? We need to realize that we are not guaranteed a job just because we graduated from college, but we will need to work, regardless of what that occupation may be, to be able to afford the life we want. And as far as I can see, compared to the rest of the world, the majorty of Americans live like kings. The moat has been crossed and the castle is being stormed.


At 8:09 AM, Blogger Common Sense Dude said...

Very good post BJ.

I too am frustrated with all these protests and the ideas of giving illegal immigrants amesty.

This will certainly give fuel to the sumuggling trade. It will send the wrong message about becoming a US citizen legally. Instead it will simply tell them that it is ok to cross the border as the US will not enforce its laws nor prosecute. Then they can enjoy a free education, health care and other public assistance, all paid for by the US taxpayer.

I'm sorry, that's not the American dream.


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