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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

United 93

This will be one of the tougher entries I have attempted to write. I’ll be honest; this movie was tough for me to sit through. Not because of the violence, or language. But because I was immediately transported to me waking up in my Nashville apartment to my roommate crying “holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!!” I remember rushing downstairs to see what was wrong only to see both WTC towers on the TV ablaze like two smoldering cigarettes standing on end. After sleep disorientation had worn off, and the situation explained, I was filled with fear, anger and revenge. ”Somebody’s gonna get their ass kicked for this” was all I could say. That’s how I felt leaving the theater after seeing United 93.

I wrestled with the feeling that I could relate to these people. I sat wondering “What would I have done?” The answer is pretty scary and revealing about who we are. Watching the movie I was unnerved by the emotions I was going through. The moment the passengers revolted I found myself wanting the passengers to pummel the hijackers more and more. Standing in triumph over nothing but an indistinguishable mass of red and flesh. I felt like this would be the sweetest revenge. I know it sounds awful and unchristian but I challenge you to watch United 93 and not feel the same.

What this movie points out is that we are at war with a real enemy. And on 9/11 the enemy officially kicked things off. They do not wish to fight over there. They want to bring it here along with their conquest to take over the world. It seems as though people want to quickly forget this. Or they want to reduce it to an annoyance akin to “swatting flies.” Now there will be those who will lampoon the President for invading Iraq. And rightly so. I do not agree lockstep with everything he has done. But we need to remember that just as those passengers aboard United 93, the courage to do what is “right” must prevail over that which is “good.” I believe that our President is doing his best to do what is right. Remember, President Bush said that those countries that sponsor terrorism or give terrorists safe haven would feel the recourse of their actions at the moment of our choosing. To say that Iraq is exempt from this would be foolish and dishonest.

This is not meant to be a sounding board for Bush, but a reminder that one of the greatest tragedies we faced as a country must never be forgotten. My friend Jeremy Casella grew up near Shanksville PA. He wrote a song about the tragedy of United 93. I helped produce a record for Jeremy on which this song appears. On the one-year anniversary of 9/11 he was invited to sing it at the memorial service. I hope you listen to it and remember that these events and their implications must not be forgotten.


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