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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I do not fear Hillary, but I am afraid of Al Gore

When you tell a liberal that you don't believe that Social Security will be around in 20 years, they will tell you that you are needlessly creating panic. "There is not a real problem that needs to be dealt with anytime in the near future" they may say. You are a "fear-monger." But nothing is said when liberals go on about how global warming is going to destroy our coastline cities.

Al Gore was on the Today Show spreading nonsense about the "evidence" supporting global warming. Did anybody see him? He was ridiculous. He said that "the debate is over, the scientific community has reached an overwhelming consensus....the pseudo scientists who disagree are being paid by oil companies"

Really Al? The debate is over? Because the Professor of Climatology at MIT doesn't agree with you relegates him to being a pseudo scientist? The scary thing about Al is that he is a fanatic about global warming. He believes that the world is headed for the greatest calamity ever seen. But nobody calls him a nut-job. Where have you heard similar claims? From religious fanatics. But for some reason liberals are exempt from the label of "kooks" "whackos" "nut-jobs" etc. even when they rightly deserve. I would rather have Al Gore be a “misguided phony” than a true believing fanatic. It is so turned around.


At 8:12 PM, Anonymous andy said...

I agree totally, dude. That guy is scary. Did you see the video on Drudge that showed how much more oil he uses than an average American? Pretty great stuff.


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