It is so turned around these days.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This is the end as we know it.

What is wrong with these people. Now it is unlawful to go sledding because of lawsuits? Does anyone else feel that we are living in a different country than when we grew up? At times I sure do. What ever happened to personal responsibility? It is dangerous to drive a car, does that mean I have a case against Jeep if I get injured in a wreck? Or how about Nike if their shoestring causes me to trip. It's interesting that our culture wants to create an environment where nothing could possibly go wrong. No thanks let me sled and I will face the consequences if I run into a tree. At least I will be having fun. We need to stop living like a lawsuit is equal to wining the lottery. How about adopting the practice that loser pays when it comes to lawsuits. I think that would stave off most of this ridiculous litigiousness.


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