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Monday, October 10, 2005

What to say

My friend Andrew writes songs. So does my friend Jeremy. In fact my friends Billy, Matthew and Derek write songs. I have always envied them for the ability to not only start and complete the writing of a song, but to encapsulate a lot of emotion and passion all the while not really (or seeming so) giving a crap what others think. Which is why I am intrigued by this whole blog idea. I can basically spew out my thoughts for the whole world to see and get feedback as to what people think. How safe for my fragile ego. All my songwriting friends have blogs also......thiers are much prettier than mine. So I guess this is how we stay in touch these days. Email is for losers. Blogs and IM is where it's at. I think I might like this. It's kind of fun to just write. Peace kittens and good night.


At 11:10 PM, Anonymous email said... it! I'm still very much in use by many people in this world. Even old people use me. You should be careful about throwing the "loser" word around, cuz you just might hurt some feelings.


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